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While knowledge and experience are obviously important factors in successful hydroponic growing, a hydroponic grower is only as good as their supplies. And one of the most important kinds of hydroponic supplies that you will buy is the kind that manipulates the general environment of your grow room. The air and temperature of your grow room can have a profound impact on how your plants grow.

If you want to control your environment for maximum benefit, make sure to have these essential supplies in your garden or grow room

Fan – One of the most inexpensive, but also one of the most important hydroponic supplies that you can purchase is a small fan. Moisture and gasses don’t tend to stay evenly distributed. In fact, they actually tend to clump around in certain sections of the room. This means if the air in a grow room is fairly still, you may be depriving your plant’s leaves of carbon dioxide and your roots of oxygen, even if there are sufficient amounts in the room. But by keeping the air constantly circulating, you increase the odds that your plants are exposed to all of the gasses that they need to grow well.

Heat Mat – Sometimes, you don’ need to increase the temperature of the entire grow room. For these instances, you should purchase a good hydroponics heat mat. These are essential hydroponics supplies to propagation through cloning. Young stems actually benefit from being a few degrees hotter in order to stimulate root growth, so you should place the grow tray on a heat mat while they are rooting. Heat mats are typically fairly inexpensive, and come in a variety of different sizes, depending on the size of your grow tray. When used in conjunction with rooting gel, heat mats can be one of the effective hydroponic supplies to help your clones grow strong.

C02 Generator – The CO2 generator is a fairly advanced unit. It can be fairly pricey and requires very precise measuring tools to use accurately. The environment in most grow rooms actually contains a lot less carbon dioxide than what most plants can handle. CO2 generators can slowly increase the level of CO2 to a point that helps your plants grow very large. Be careful however; if the carbon dioxide levels increase too much in your grow room they can actually harm your plants. While different plants can handle different levels of carbon dioxide, you generally don’t want the levels to exceed 1500 PPM.

Humidifier – The majority of plants are accustomed to growing in fairly moist, tropical environments. And giving them this kind of environment can be a bit of a challenge if you happen to live in a very dry part of the world. Fortunately, by placing a humidifier in your grow room, you can have total control over the moisture in your grow room. You should be careful not to let the humidity climb too high however, as that might cause your leaves and stems to start to form roots. Ensuring that you are able to very accurately measure the humidity in your grow room is also essential if you use a humidifier.