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Developed in Madison, Wisconsin, QUEST dehumidifiers have set the gold standard in energy efficiency, durability, reliability and flexibility. With a full five-year warranty, Quest humidity control products come in a wide array of sizes and options, allowing you to customize and design your perfect environment for your industry’s specific needs. Additionally, we deliver everything you need to know when it comes to HVAC design, specification, selection, installation and operation for every size of facility


The NEW Quest 100 combines Quest’s latest technology with with the versatility and flexibility of its compact product line. This makes it the perfect dehumidifier for small projects and spaces.


@ 80 F | 60% RH

  • Capacity 100 Pints/Day
  • Efficiency 7.5 Pints/kWh
  • Supply Voltage 110-120V, 60 Hz
  • Current Draw 5 Amps

NEW QUEST 225 208/230V

The New Quest 225 208-230V dehumidifier boasts Quest’s energy-efficient M-CoRR Technology, a compact size, digital controls with a terminal block for optional external controls, and the Quest-signature integrated lift and hang points that were introduced with the Quest 335. As its name suggests, this new and improved Quest 225 also features a flexible voltage range for more installation options.


@ 80 F | 60% RH

  • Capacity 225 Pints/Day
  • Efficiency 8.2 Pints/kWh
  • Supply Voltage 208-230V, 60 Hz
  • Current Draw 5.3 Amps

QUEST 746 480V

The Quest 746 480V dehumidifier features our patented M-CoRRTM technology. This multi-coil design reuses refrigeration allowing Quest to provide industry leading efficiencies. It frees up electricity while using less amperage at a higher voltage.


  • @ 80 F | 60% RH

    • Capacity 746 Pints/Day
    • Efficiency 7.3 Pints/kWh
    • Supply Voltage 480V
    • Current Draw 6.5 Amps

QUEST 506 277V

Powerful and efficient, the Quest 506 277V dehumidifier is a high-capacity, high-efficiency unit which features out patented technology.

Just like our original 506 230V units, the 506 pint capacity makes it one of the most powerful commercial dehumidifiers on the market.

The 277V voltage provides low amp draw, freeing up electricity for other equipment. Best of all these units can be installed on 277V without the additional installation of buck-boost transformers and the associated costs of wiring.


@ 80 F | 60% RH

  • Capacity 506 Pints/Day
  • Efficiency 8.1 Pints/kWh
  • Supply Voltage 277V
  • Current Draw 10 Amps

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