Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knock Out Pint (12/Cs)

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Doktor Doom© Spider Mite Knock Out© is a 0.20% pyrethrin formula. This formula is 19 times stronger in active ingredient pyrethrin than any soap-based insecticides and 10 times stronger than any formulations that contain pyrethrin & piperonyl butoxide. Piperonyl butoxide is a synergist that enhances the killing power of pyrethrin and it is not approved for organic gardening. Unlike soap-based products which need to be applied liberally to the plant in order to drown the insects Doktor Doom© Spider Mite Knock Out© kills the pests on contact with just a light misting on the foliage. Apply Doktor Doom© Spider Mite Knock Out© to the underside of the leaves and then fog the room with a Doktor Doom© Fogger. The smell of pyrethrin flushes out and eradicates insect pests on contact.