Eye Hortilux Ceramic HPS Lamp and Ballast Kit

Eye Hortilux Ceramic HPS Lamp and Ballast Kit

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Operating the Ceramic HPS lamp on an EYE HORTILUX ballast is the only way to ensure consistent performance and maximum plant yields as lamp/ballast compatibility is guaranteed between these two products.

Unique Lamp Needs the Right Ballast

The 600W Ceramic HPS Lamp Ballast Kit provides growers the flexibility to operate this popular lamp with their existing reflector.

The Ceramic HPS can take up to 20 minutes to get to full power, which is why it must be run on an EYE HORTILUX ballast. The EYE HORTILUX Silver Ballast, included in this package, is the same ballast used on the SE 600 Grow Light System. This ballast allows for the 20 minute sunrise feature, providing the lamp plenty of time to get to full power.

What’s Included in the Ceramic HPS Lamp Ballast Kit:

  • 600W Ceramic HPS lamp
  • 120/240V EYE HORTILUX Silver Series electronic ballast
  • 120V cord (240V cord sold separately)
  • 3-year warranty (ballast)
  • 1-year warranty (lamp)


  • Ceramic HID technology
  • Emits a clean, white light
  • Exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum
  • Heavy red spectrum for superior flowering performance
  • Made in the USA
  • Only use with EYE HORTILUX e-Ballasts


  • Quality spectrum allows for start to finish plant growth
  • Stimulates essential oil production
  • Minimal stretching
  • Produces vibrant, colorful, healthy plants


  • Designed by experts in lamp/ballast compatibility
  • High frequency, sine wave operation
  • Lamp detection for safe operation (open & short circuit protection)
  • Long range igniter installed – Up to 15 ft.
  • Soft start technology
  • Silent operation


  • UL Listed for fire and electrical safety
  • Extends lamp life
  • Completely sealed against dust and moisture
  • Provides consistent, stable power for high intensity & quality spectrum

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