Biuld-a-Soil Neem & Karnaja 50/50 (2.5lb)

Biuld-a-Soil Neem & Karnaja 50/50 (2.5lb)

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Neem and Karanja?

Slow Release Nitrogen, Aerates, Nourishes, Promotes Plant Growth & Resistance, Improves Soil Quality. Excellent for Vegan Organic Gardening.

We Order Pallets of Neem Cake and Karanja Cake and provide a value by shipping any quantity and allowing you to mix it with other ingredients.  The Karanja Cake is beautiful, and has a very mild odor compared to Neem Cake. Almost identical in properties to the Neem cake, this Karanja Cake is one of our best products. Thanks to Terviva and their amazing Certified Organic Karanja Products.

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