Advanced Nutrients Beneficial Bacterias

Transform Your Root Zone Into An Army of Diverse, Beneficial Microorganisms That Expand Your Root Mass by 700-1,000%, Giving You Glistening, Diamond Encrusted, Emerald Green Buds the Size of Baseball Bats ….

Yes, you really can grow a room full of buds the size of baseball bats, but you must have the root mass to grow and support them.

Top growers know that the bigger the root system mass, the bigger the buds you’ll enjoy at harvest.

Many growers use either Voodoo Juice®, Piranha® or Tarantula® as a standalone biostimulant and get fantastic results. However, when used together, these powerful biostimulants work synergistically to produce something truly special in the root zone of your plants…

This is because each biostimulants in the Root Mass Expanders suite is designed to enhance and amplify the performance of a specific root zone function.