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Product Description

The FloraFlex Incubator Dome is an essential component of the Incubator System, specially engineered to facilitate plant propagation during their early stages of life. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use the complete Incubator System. Designed with precision, the Incubator Dome serves as a cover for the Incubator System, providing the ideal environment for successful propagation. Simply place the Incubator Dome onto the Incubator Bottom Tray to begin. The dome can be used in a fully closed position or with the signature airflow lifts located on the Bottom Tray, allowing for controlled airflow. The FloraFlex Incubator System, with its patented design, harnesses the power of aerated convection to accelerate plant growth. For a comprehensive solution, explore the FloraFlex Incubator Kit, which includes all the necessary components for optimal results.

Key Features

  • Propagation Excellence: The Incubator Dome is an integral part of the Incubator System, providing the perfect cover for successful plant propagation during the early stages of life.

  • Customizable Airflow: With the option to use the Incubator Dome in a completely closed position or with the signature airflow lifts on the Bottom Tray, you have control over the airflow and can create the ideal environment for your plants' needs.

  • Accelerated Growth: The FloraFlex Incubator System is designed to accelerate plant growth through the use of aerated convection. This innovative system creates optimal conditions for robust development.

  • Patented System: The FloraFlex Incubator System is a patented system, ensuring its uniqueness and effectiveness in promoting accelerated growth.

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