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Product Description

Introducing the FloraFlex Incubator Bottom Tray, a crucial component of the FloraFlex Incubator System for propagating plants in their earliest stages of life. Designed to house all FloraFlex Insert Trays, this bottom tray is compatible with the Incubator Dome, forming a complete and efficient propagation system. With its patented design and construction using BPA and lead-free materials, the Incubator Bottom Tray provides optimal conditions for seedlings and cuttings, ensuring healthy growth and development. Maximize your propagation success with the FloraFlex Incubator Bottom Tray.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: The Incubator Bottom Tray is compatible with all FloraFlex Incubator Insert Trays, allowing for seamless integration within the Incubator System. Pair it with the Incubator Dome and the 50 Cell Inner Tray for a comprehensive propagation setup.

  • Part of the FloraFlex Incubator System: Use the Incubator Bottom Tray in conjunction with the Incubator Dome and other components of the FloraFlex Incubator System to create an optimal environment for young plants. Achieve consistent and successful propagation results with this comprehensive system.

  • Patented Design: The Incubator Bottom Tray features a patented design that optimizes airflow, provides lift to the Insert Tray, and enhances overall plant growth. It incorporates easy grab handles for convenient handling of the Insert Tray, optional cutoff tabs for drainage, and a wider footprint to support the growth of outer plants.

  • BPA and Lead-Free Materials: Ensuring the safety and well-being of your plants, the Incubator Bottom Tray is made from BPA and lead-free materials. This commitment to quality and safety sets FloraFlex apart in the industry.

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