Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator Contains 10 Pads

Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator Contains 10 Pads

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The first and most effective commercial CO2 supplement made specifically for your seedlings and clones.
THE GREEN PAD JR absorbs the humidity in your propagation dome, to power its natural chemical reaction, releasing a measured amount of carbon dioxide. CO2 accelerates the natural rooting process for cuttings and seedlings so they can establish healthy roots and more nodes by feeding the leaves. This helps the cuttings and seedlings to root faster so you can move to VEG sooner and grow healthier larger fruits, herbs and vegetables.

"When I saw my CO2 PPM meter reading 1000 parts per million in only 30 minutes I KNEW MY CLONES WOULD FLOURISH, and I was RIGHT!"
Steve N. San Diego, CA

EASY TO USE: Simply place 1 GREEN PAD JR. in your dome and replace with a new one every other day until your rooted or you remove the dome. Reseal the package and use remaining pads when needed. The unused pads will be ready to use and will NOT activate until you need them.

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