HLG Propagator 2.0

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The HLG Propagator lamp is designed for early stages of plant growth, including seedlings and clones, as well as grow applications that require low light intensity. 4ft length provides wide coverage. Its low-profile construction is perfectly suited for integration into grow racks and vertical farming setups. The HLG Propagator Lamp also features a user-friendly daisy-chaining capability, allowing for effortless connection for up to 20 units end-to-end. This feature enables customizable spacing up to 18 inches between each lamp, providing flexibility and scalability in your growing operation.

  • 2pcs HLG Propagator 2.0
  • Power cord
  • Hanger clips


LED Full Spectrum White
Power 20 Watts
AC Voltage Range 100VAC to 240VAC : 50/60 Hz
Cloning Footprint 2' x 4'
Dimensions 45.15" x 1.23" x 1.51"
Warranty 1 Year

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