Fohse Pisces 9: 900-Watt LED Grow Light

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Pisces by Fohse | 900 Watt Home Garden LED Grow Light

The Pisces innovative design is perfect for hobbyists and home gardeners alike. This fixture can be folded and stored with ease. Its compact size and light weight make it optimal for hanging in grow tents. This is a Fohse light stripped down to its bare necessities. Now. growers won't have to break the bank to get a long-lasting light.

This fixture series comes in 700W and 900W options offering potential photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) values of 2494 umol. At these light intensities, the Pisces provides the power needed to push any cultivar to its potential for yield and quality. It also serves other light-demanding crops such as peppers and tomatoes well.

Pisces 9 Light Output

  • PPF: up to 2494 µmol/s.
  • PAR: 2.61 - 2.71 µmol/J

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