Trellis Netting 6" Mesh, woven, 5' x 15'

Trellis Netting 6" Mesh, woven, 5' x 15'

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Heavy duty, long lasting polyester trellis netting features 6" reach-through mesh that allows the trellis to handle more weight, remain taut, and provide strong support for growing crops.


  • 6" Mesh
  • 5' wide x 15' long
  • Soft woven string net trellis
  • Reduces damage from ground-rot, insects, rodents, and garden pests
  • Produces bigger, healthier, and earlier harvests
  • Increases harvest from small garden spaces and keeps produce clean
  • Ideal for tomatoes, beans, grapes, clematis, sweet peas, and other vining plants

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